Whole Black Pepper (Peppercorn)

Spices Trade is here to add a little spice to your food with our premium quality whole black pepper. Sourced from the tropical regions of the Malabar coast, the small berries are carefully dried and processed to keep the sharpness intact.

Add the “king of spices” to your food and enjoy a hot and peppery taste with each bite!

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Black pepper, or Kali Mirch, is an essential ingredient in Indian recipes. Every pack of our whole black pepper is 100% natural, ensuring rich piperine content. A distinct aroma overwhelms you the moment you open the bag. Though you can eat it raw, try some interesting combinations as well:

  • Sprinkle it on honey; it works as a tonic for sore throat and infections.
  • Prepare a warm spicy tea in winter.
  • Add a spicy kick to fruits, salads, soups and other hot beverages.
  • Black pepper, ghee and salt can cure indigestion.

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